The Ricci family was born in 1150; Palazzo Ricci, one of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces of Montepulciano, was commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni Ricci in 1534 by the best architect of the moment, the Sienese Baldassarre Peruzzi and finished being constructed in 1562.

The Cantina De’Ricci was part of the project for the Palace, however it was built on a previous medieval structure; in fact documents have been found in which it states it was built according to the ancient rules of the statutes of Montepulciano of 1337.

In 1959 at the behest of the Marquis Giulio Ricci, the Cellar changed its name, and until today it was known as the ‘Cantina Redi’.


The actual family owners have decided to return to the Cellar’s origins and today again remember the Ricci Family, which has been one of the most representative of the town, for both what they have given to the wine and to Montepulciano.

“What is sown well, remains”, as the saying goes, and this is very true: as after many centuries the family is still present, the palace and the cellar are a daily destination for many visitors coming from all over the world.

The brillant idea: the Hedeghogs

Yes, the actual brilliant idea of Riccio de’ Ricci, the weather forecaster,  who by  looking at the behaviour of the hedgehogs managed to forecast the weather.

In Montepulciano, in the XII century, as a peaceful citizen, he foresaw the weather with such security that he was believed to be a warlock. To save himself from the accusation, he woke his secretary; making his forecast by observing the way in which the hedgehog scanned the sun. The hero thus received the nickname of ‘Riccio’, which was passed on to his descendents together with their own coat-of-arms, where the little beast looks at the sun, evidently to understand how the weather will be.