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De' Ricci


De’Ricci is the cellar that preserves a past that has marked the history of Montepulciano and its Vino Nobile over the centuries. Immerse yourself in the stages, faces, images, projects and dreams that gave birth to our wines.

rupe del sasso - 4^ CENTURY B.C.

This is where our story begins. It dates back to centuries ago, at the origins of the De'Ricci family. This cave was completely hand-dug in tuff (the so-called Sasso di Montepulciano) in Etruscan times. The cave has always been wisely taken care of and protected by the De’ Ricci family.

Riccio Ricci - 1150
de ricci cantina storica montepulciano

Back in the 12 th Century, a man from Montepulciano could predict weather patterns with such accuracy that he was considered a sorcerer. To save himself from the Inquisition, he decided to reveal his secret – he said that his predictions were based on the way a hedgehog looked at the sun! The man was given the nickname Riccio (hedgehog) and was the ancestor of the Ricci family in Montepulciano.


The De'Ricci winery was built on the site of an earlier medieval building. The winery was built in respect of ancient local laws: "Whoever owns a cave and a dungeon under the Sasso... must build a vault with lime and bricks... if they want to build a cellar, it must be 20 feet long and 16 feet wide".

THE CATHEDRAL - 1534 - 1562

In 1534, thanks to Giovanni Ricci, work began on the new winery next to the previous medieval structure. The project led to the creation of the Wine Cathedral, divided into three naves and a symbol of our winery and wine in Montepulciano.

Palazzo Ricci - 1562

Commissioned by Giovanni Ricci and designed by Baldassarre Peruzzi, this Palazzo was built above the cellar to protect it and preserve it over time.

Dionora Ricci - 1913 - 2003

“Dionora was a modern, devout woman with a sweet yet determined character and an unmistakable smile”. This is how Emilia Di Toffa, Dionora's confidante and close friend, describes the last Ricci marquess. 

From the left Dionora Ricci, Maria and Antonella Trabalzini

Aldo e Maria Trabalzini - 1959 - 1971

Aldo Trabalzini, administrator of the Ricci winery in Montepulciano, buys the historical cellar and starts planting the vineyards.

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano docg - 1980

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is the first Italian wine to obtain the DOCG status.

Enrico Trabalzini - 1995

Enrico, son of Aldo, begins the first replanting of the vineyards, expanding the estate on the hill of Ascianello and experimenting with the first fermentations of pure Sangiovese.

De'Ricci Historical Cellars - 2012

Enrico, his wife Antonella and their sons Nicolò and Francesco found De'Ricci with the goal of making top quality Sangiovese wine by making the most of the grapes from the vineyards planted
between 1995 and 2008.

Fontecornino ESTATE - 2017

The new vinification centre is opened. It is surrounded by the Fontecornino vineyards. Here it is where we carry out our fermentations and part of the aging process. 

Pelago - 2018

One year after the opening of the new cellar, the logistics centre and warehouse is opened. To guarantee top quality wines, there is a special room with controlled temperature and humidity for bottle aging.

SorAldo - 2019

SorAldo, a cru of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, is being introduced to the wine world for the first time, becoming the flagship of Vino Nobile De'Ricci.