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100% Sangiovese

100% Sangiovese

The aim of our family has always been to tell the uniqueness of Montepulciano Sangiovese grapes. IN PUREZZA is the experience that will let you discover the shades of our wines 100% Sangiovese!

The visit includes the guided tour of the historical cellar and the tasting of 4 wines symbol of our winery and family:

Two vintages of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano docg, the single vineyard cru SorAldo and our family reserve: Rupe del Sasso.

For a better appreciation of our wines we like to offer with the tasting a small bites of our local product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold cuts and local cheese.

Are you not able to find something available or would you like to book for today?
Call us at +39 0578 757166

You can join the experience if:

  • You have intolerances, food allergies, you are vegetarians/vegan (please mark it on the notes)
  • It’s your first experience in a wine cellar: we will guide you during the tasting and we will suggest you the parings
  • If you have physical problems, the main entrance is a step with 90 stairs but we also have a second entrance on the main floor with no steps
  • If you have a dog with leash and muzzle (please mark it on the notes)
75 min.
€ 50 per person