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Cantina la Cattedrale

The Cathedral Winery


The Cathedral is like a time capsule – this is where the Ricci family started to make wine back in 1337. Today, following the local tradition, we refine about half of our wines in the historical cellar. We want to keep the history of Montepulciano alive.

From the courtyard of Palazzo Ricci, an equestrian staircase leads to the first, iconic room of the winery – the Wine Cathedral. With its three naves, tall pillars, vaults and arches, this silent, majestic room is a sacred wine temple.

cantina storica montepulciano

Walk between the rows of barrels to reach the site where the first walls of Montepulciano were built. You will be in front of the “Rupe del Sasso”, a tuff stone wall.
Thanks to its stable temperature and humidity, this cellar is the perfect place to refine our wines. Refining our wines here allows us to fully acknowledge our roots.

Follow a small brick tunnel to reach the heart of the winery: the tuff cave built by our founder, Riccio Ricci, in 1150. Over the centuries, this cave has been wisely protected and taken care of, as it is the heart and soul of our historical winery.

Immerse yourself in a taste experience in full De’Ricci style